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    What form is medical marijuana? Not interested in smoking it. My daughter has FA. I have chronic pain. My understanding is that it is only a same amount of THC. I have tried CBD oil for myself but did not find it helpful (no THC). Alison won’t use the oil. I tried to give her a couple of drops and she coughed and gagged.

    • Hi Wendi! For future reference, you can type any keyword into the search bar either on the side or above your window when you login to the forum (: But, heres the link to one!

      Medical marijuana Monday: Muscle tension and relaxation

      Fortunately, you can’t really overdose on CBD oil so this helps parents in deciding to use this on their tokids.Unfortunately, some oils taste bitter or can be gross so I completely understand. There are different ways to take CBD that taste better. Christina Cordaro suggested CBD gummies. Thats a great alternative! What state do you live in?

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