• I think Jonathan said everything I wanted to, but I’ll add that as far as adaptation, specifically- it’s easy to say “I can’t do that.” Sometimes that’s true but sometimes it’s not. When something seems unachievable, reconsider the task in front of you and accomplish it perhaps unconventionally. Different is not wrong. Allow yourself to be proud…[Read more]

  • For me, my husband was my first wheelchair. We’ve gone from holding hands for support, to linking arms, to carrying me long distance or down the few stairs to our house. Part of my decision to start using a walker was considering that it’d make his life easier and only then did I realize that he was basically my first assistive device. I felt bad…[Read more]

  • Danica changed their profile picture 3 years, 2 months ago

  • Danica changed their profile picture 3 years, 2 months ago

  • I’m going to the Gulf in a couple of months for vacation and I have been a little nervous about how to navigate it. I use a walker, but thought it’d be pretty useless if the sand wasn’t tightly packed. I’m still more excited than nervous- it was my idea to go and I don’t want to limit myself.

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    • Hey Danica,
      Thanks for joining the FA Forums! I’m grateful that you signed up, because one of the most difficult part of FA to deal with is how rare it is — not many people seem to understand! So you are helping us create a place where people affected by FA can share advice and information directly with one another. You’re an important part of ou…[Read more]

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