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      Hi Katherine!

      Although I may not be able to scientifically answer your question, I think that you were at risk just like the “normal“ population.

      From previous conversations and talking to other FA patients, whenever a person with FA contracts a common cold or flu, symptoms seem to get worse. Although I don’t think you are more susceptible to catching it, I think FA symptoms will affect your body if you do catch coronavirus.

      Is there a member, I am not a doctor and this is from my own personal information. Please contact your health professional via email or appointment to ask more questions and to get a better idea. I hope this somewhat helps

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      So excited for you to start meeting that community!! Hopefully the rain passes. Lol can’t wait to meet you!

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      That’s the normal amount. I go so often because of clinical trials, thats all.

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      @janebriscoe that’s so great to hear! Hope all is well!

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      @janebriscoe that’s so great to hear! Hope all is well!

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      You are saying you sleep 12 hours?

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      Yes! I agree with making my bed, it helps me feel like the rest of my room is clean.
      For me, I have to make small lists of what I want to accomplish during the day and then I’ll break them by importance. I do the most important things first so in case I get tired or something happens like I need to rest, at least I have already accomplished the big things and I can add the rest to my list the next day.

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      Hi Trevor! I hope you had a good time over the holidays and happy new year. Hello from California!

      I’m sorry to hear that you don’t have anyone around, I can help point you in the right directions with social media and stuff like Facebook support groups as well. I may not be able to help you physically but hopefully I can help connect you to others who share a similar situation.

      This is very interesting to me. Were you at all symptomatic before 51?

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      Happy New Year to you and Justin! I love traditions like that, nothing beats staying at home with the one you love.

      My parents and I always go to a close family friends house. They have a large family but the party is still relatively small and a lot of fun. We do this every year but I know in the future when I am using my chair, the house won’t be as accessible.

      In all honesty, sometimes it’s a bit morbid to think about. But for now, I will enjoy what I can! Hope everyone had a fun New Year’s!

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      @pgall1628 I 100% agree

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      Oooh! Those are some great tips! Thank you @pgall1628

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      Animaniacs are everything! Can’t wait!

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      Do you recommend vaping? haha I agree with you about being in bed! I feel more relaxed!

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