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      Besides you’re prescribed medication, does anyone take vitamins daily? If so, what do you take and how much?

      Also, When preparing your very depends, do you need assistance doing it or do you do it independently? Do you have trouble getting the vitamins out of the bottle and placing them in to the box?

      I personally have trouble dropping the right amount of vitamins in each square but I get through it. It’s quite the hassle. I use it take a lot of vitamins and now I just take a basic multivitamin and biotin.

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      Besides taking idebonone and gabapentin for FA, I take a multivitamin, B12 for energy and Vitamin C. I administer them by myself but I am finding it to be more difficult because I am always dropping the bottles or pills. Maybe if I break them down once for throughout the week will help?

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      I take:
      A multivitamin
      Vitamin E
      And sometimes vitamin D in winter, because I live up north and don’t get much sun.

      And I don’t use a box, I just open 6 bottles every day and put the pill straight into my mouth. It seems like less work overall this way.

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