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      Inspired by Peter Griffin on Family Guy**

      Let me just say this, I like to complain and vent about everything, From minor inconveniences to drastic changes, I vent and then get over it 5 minutes later. I have always been that way to be honest haha.

      I’m going to post “things that grind my gears” weekly so I can share some of these frustrations and see if I’m being completely irrational or not.

      This week, I wanted to talk about people recommending things to others. Ive noticed and influx of people I follow on social media who recommend products or items after they’ve only used it a couple times.

      As a consumer who listens and takes notes on reviews before purchasing anything, I dislike hearing about how awesome something is when they’ve  barely used it. I want to know about its durability, life-span, different places it works/doesn’t work, is it worth the money? If its a product or supplement you’ve just started using, I only care about it if you have used it daily and frequently for weeks. Not a few days.

      Anyone agree or disagree? Lets hear it

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