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      Do you have any siblings with FA? My 18 year old brother also has FA, but thankfully doesn’t experience all the symptoms. We rely on each other for support and knows he can come to me with questions regarding the doisesde.

      How do you and your sibling(s) cope?

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      Srikanth Menavalli

      My elder brother has FA and was diagnosed 7 yrs back where as I was diagnosed very recently in 2020.
      Mine is considered as Late Onset and mine is a whole different story. My Brother lives in India and get good care from my parents where as I work in USA alone. I’ve seen my brother’s symptoms very closely(while they are devoloping) in the past and seeing the same symptoms in me.
      I’m not there with him to cope with him or help him out but I will do regular exercise which will slow down my symptoms(I feel) and I will advise him about the exercises and also my parents about the care they need to give..

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      @menasri I am glad you and your brother can still be there to guide and support one another, even if you are so far away!

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