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      Personally, I’ve always had the toughest time navigating through what I believe in. I was raised in a close knit Italian Catholic family that came with following the traditional Catholic values.

      As I got older, I began to distance myself from religion overall. I didn’t necessarily believe in a God. Especially after being diagnosed, how could I believe in a God if he would do something like this to me?

      In 2020 I regained my spirituality and overall relationship with God. I am not a devout Catholic although I do attend church with my grandmother every Sunday out of respect for her. She means everything to me and I will do whatever to make her happy.

      I believe in a creator, a protector, I believe in God. I also believe in the universe and the magic in the stars.

      What do you believe in? Do you follow any specific religion? Are you spiritual? I am extremely interested to see the spectrum of people within the FA community. All responses are welcome!

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      David Riley

      Frankie, I am 36, had symptoms of FA at 5 years old. I have used a scooter or wheelchair for more than 10 years. I am a Bible believing Christian, a born-again Christian, have placed my faith in Jesus Christ, who is the visible expression of an invisible God, or however one wishes to describe this faith. I also completed a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies in 2014.

      There is no conflict with my faith and the fact that I have FA. There are two kinds of evil in the world. Natural and Moral evil. Natural evil is the bad things that happen in the created order. Moral evil is what happens in the soul of the individual and happens between people. I have FA because of corruption in the natural world and the mutation of the DNA, just like everybody’s DNA is being corrupted. But despite what happened to me, I have made things worse by moral evil. My conscience has been corrupted by own choices in live. Since I was a baby, my thoughts were being corrupted, and it affected my actions.

      But as a Christian, I am now free. Though my body is still being decayed, my mind is being renewed. If that sounds like the Apostle Paul, it is because we are on the same side. I can now suffer in dignity as Christ, who entrusted himself to the father, even to the point of death. I can truly act on behalf of my neighbor, and can use my talents and abilities as an image bearer of God and find joy in it.

      Thanks for asking.

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      • This reply was modified 10 months, 2 weeks ago by David Riley.
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