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      Matt Lafleur

      Some people may find this topic dark, but I think it’s necessary.

      When life with FA seems chaotic and stressful, what keeps you going? Is it your job, your family, your friends…?

      What is your motivation?

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      After the Dr tried to kill my wife she lost virtually all of her mobility and her ability to speak. She still can talk but she usually has to repeat herself , even to me. Talking on the phone just won’t happen.
      But after that for her and for me it has been just each other holding things together. I try to do as much as I can to get her to go places to see new things as often as I can. We had a real real nice set of aquariums that she loved to sit and watch the fish. But thanks to her ” wonderful” family, her daughter is trying to kill off her fish and letting the aquariums get ruined. But we as best we can ( you couldn’t possibly imagine how hard it is for either of us) we are holding on to each other and are trying to get money to get away in our trailer so we can travel so we can experience things together , even though we both know that is going to be hard also. We ordered a box trailer to be made ( a little different than most), since they don’t make wheel chair accessible campers and the ” toy haulers” sit way too high off the ground. We will turn the box trailer into a camper together slowly as we go. And basically as much as we can live on the road in the trailer. Dr appointments and prescriptions will be the hard part to deal with.
      But as long as we have each other and most importantly she has someone who actually cares about her I think we will get along just fine and enjoy things together.
      Note: I’ve done a lot of camping( tents and trailers) in my life so its not like we are going into this blind. And we have “tent” camped together before several times. And we have lived together recently in our van so living in a trailer is a major improvement. We would still be living in the van but with my hernia , bad back, and recent mild stroke I just can’t continue lifting her for the toilet or bed. So the trailer will allow us to use the hoyer. Which is another reason why the box trailer. No camper made has room to operate a Hoyer.
      Like I said it is us that holds each other together enough to keep on going.

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