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      One of the most important aspects to include on any diet is protein. No matter if you are plant-based, vegetarian, carnivore etc. The amount of protein your body needs throughout the day is essential to keep it functioning at a high quality.

      After I work out, I aim to have a protein shake within 45 minutes after I’ve worked out for the day. There are many days where my stomach seems to be more sensitive than others so protein shakes are my go to when that happens.

      Do you take any supplements when it comes to protein ? Do you eat a lot of meat and eggs? How much protein do you usually ingest per day?

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      David Riley

      I realize the importance of protein, so I get your questioning. I have been taking a whey isolate, so I aware of its benefits. For the last year, I have been cutting back on my protein supplement and the protein I eat. Now, I only take 20 g in the evening, not post workout, and instead I do a small snack. I have had good results.

      My rational: my body can’t metabolize like a regular guy and I can’t develop that kind of endurance, but I can do better. I’ve cut my meals so I’m still slightly hungry, eating light for supper, taking only 20 g at about 7pm. My goal is that I want to force my body to function more efficiently by limit ing intake. And I think it helps. I know the body produces amino acids, and I want to rely on that more. Usually I have about 70g of protein daily, which includes supplements and snacks, but if I kept track, it would be a source of stress, and I refuse to be part of the Under Armor wearing workout culture.

      After workout I usually take a Trace Minerals Post-Workout drink. It has a few carbs, electrolytes, and some basic amino acids, equaling about 6 g. But don’t take my word for anything. I’m just a guy.

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