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      A big part of implementing changes and growth in life is actually implementing change. What an epiphany, right? <— sarcasm

      Anyway, Netflix has always been something I associated with relaxing. It’s a mindless activity that I frequently get lost in and get lost in the couch or my bed.

      However, I realized how much time I was spending binge watching a series. All that time, I wouldn’t move, I’d eat and be lazy. Also, it’s been a big factor in my weight gain.

      Besides  cutting back dramatically on the minuets I spend watching, I’ve been incorporating stretching and small exercises during my Netflix time. I have 5lb free weights, an exercise ball and a bicep band so I make sure to do something besides sitting still. Nothing too strenuous but enough to break a sweat.

      It’s been a couple months now and my whole mood has changed for the better. Not saying this solely changed my life but its made one aspect of my life more productive which helps me feel good overall.

      What are some other ways we can be more productive during Netflix or Hulu and chill time? Do you do any kind of activity while watching? Or is this a sacred time for you to relax?

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      I like listening to audiobooks during chill times and in bed. A great way to fill in those idle moments!

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        Whats your favorite audio book you’ve listened to so far?

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          Long (20= Hr) fantasy novels mainly. Audible.com rocks!

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      Matt Lafleur

      @frankie-perazzola, this is a great insight! I’ve thought about this a little, but never really put it together. My goal is to be in my standing frame while watching Netflix. Hopefully lengthening from an episode of The Office to House of Cards to a movie!

      But yes, Netflix is tyically a time for being a bum. I hope to change that.

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      Matt Lafleur

      Also this topic title is so funny.

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      My couch swallow me! Jokes apart this is a good point, but I am often too tired and lazy. Who knows… Maybe in the future! Mmmh

Viewing 4 reply threads
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