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      I am definitely the type of person who requires structure in order to maintain a healthy mentality. Meaning, I need someone or something to keep me on track. High school, college or working for a franchise/corporate structure. As much as I love working for myself and setting my own schedule, it gets hard to remain focused. This is just a personal trait of mine but I have accepted it. I had a tough time admitting this because I thought it meant I wasn’t a leader and was incapable of being in charge of a team. But, I soon realized that not the case. Working towards a common goal with others is what I crave and it’s what I enjoy.

      What about you? Are you better working alone? Or with others? Do you need some kind of structure?

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      Ant Pinkie-Brown

      In general I’m structured too, but structure is only good up to a point. Artistic inspiration comes from an entirely different place.

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      Ant Pinkie-Brown

      I don’t know where your reply went, I’m going to look mad replying to myself!
      What is it they say-you need to know the rules in order to break them. That and kill all your darlings are my two favourite writing sayings.

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      I’m better structured on my own. I work alone because on multiple occasions I’ve tried working with others and I get disappointed.

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      Robert Rhodes

      In my opinion, structure is a good thing regardless of medical conditions and/or physical ability.

      For myself personally, I can work alone or with a group of people. It all depends on the task, time constraints, budget (if applicable), etc.

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