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      Matt Lafleur

      A topic that generates a lot of buzz in the medical world is medical marijuana.

      What do you think about using medical marijuana or cannabis oil to alleviate some of the symptoms of FA?

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      Jakob Mitterhauser

      I use cannabis oil to relax my body and mind. It helps my sleep and can have some other positive effects like lowering spastic or depression.
      I have never smoked, not a big fan.

      Who else takes oil?

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      Matt Lafleur

      I signed up for Cannabis Oil and was supposed to get it this week. But the office rescheduled me for May. That’s frustrating.

      I am looking forward to trying it as a sleep aid and for mild depressive symptoms. I am sad it will be so long until I get it though.

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        MAY!? What the heck!

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          Matt Lafleur

          I now right? On the phone, she said “We rescheduled you for May…” and I made her repeat it twice, then I said “But it’s January…” LOL

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      This is DEINITELY a topic I wanted to be apart of..

      I have been smoking since I was in high school. Obviously, I didnt use pot as a medical treatment like I do now but this is something I am familiar with. I do not smoke during the day anymore, because it makes me unmotivated and lazy but, I do smoke at night as well as ingest CBD oil and rub CBD cream on my joints.

      Also, because I am still fairly mobile and new to this whole FA world, smoking sometimes makes me forget I even have FA. Of course, until I have to move (: But, its nice to have a break, mentally, like that.

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        Matt Lafleur

        Never even thought of CBD cream. Does it give the same effect as regular lotion?

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          I definitely dont use the CBD cream as much as I use lotion haha its more expensive and I only apply to areas that hurt or are sore. I wonder if the cream can be as moisturizing as regular lotion?

          If it ever reaches that point, I’ll be bathing in it haha I have eczema too (on my hands) so moisturizing is a huge deal for me.

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      So it helps spasticity Jake?

      Very curious about this. Does cannabos oil have the drug effect? Or is it just hemp oil?

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        It definitley helps with my restless legs at night.

        The oil and cream do not get you “high” at all. So you wont feel any different!

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      I use medical marijuana since I was lucky enough to get a card in my state in the USA. Been using it for maybe 2 years. My FA sort of plateaued over the past few years. Not sure if it’s from the marijuana since I know it has neuro-protective and other medicinal properties or just because my FA decided not to progress, but the marijuana isn’t harming me so I don’t mind.

      I tend to use gummies/edibles over night since they are more potent and will definitely knock you out until you need to wake up, so no restlessness at night. I’ll also smoke/vape/put some oil under my tongue throughout the day. Some strains/products definitely help with depressive symptoms since sometimes I’ll find something super funny and giggle or laugh to myself for the next hour, especially if I see a comedy film. Although sometimes it can just be any stupid thing I read!

      Hope you’re able to get your hands on some medication soon @matthew-lafleur

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      @frankie-perazzola I got notified by email of the question you asked but couldn’t find it in this forum for some reason. I prefer sativa or hybrid. They say indica makes people less paranoid and relaxes them more, but not for me. I don’t know if it’s the FA, just me, or both but whenever an indica starts relaxing and “shutting down my body” (couch-lock), I panic and feel like my body thinks “Oh shoot, fight back!” Not a super enjoyable experience.

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        It may have been deleted lol but thank you for answering!

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      Steve Durant

      Thanks for sharing such nice thread, keep sharing such informative stuff on Medical cannabis

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      Anyone heard of or tried kratom? It’s a herb along the lines of Marijuana but you don’t smoke it.

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        I heard of Kratom but never tried it. Was considering it. It’s banned in some US states, I think, but I can buy it in mine.Supposed to give a good energy boost.

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