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      A huge difference in my training has been due to alleviating the focus on not knocking my knees together. My body has that natural inclination whenever movement is required in my legs.

      What I have also found is that we all have this issue, those of us with FA, either our knees knock or they have the tendency to pull away from each other.

      In the gym, whenever I’m doing things like bridges, squats or any sedentary movement requiring my legs, I use a soccer ball in between my knees and my body naturally clenches them together tight enough so the ball doesn’t fall.

      If you have the opposite problem and your knees have the tendency to pull apart, use a resistance band around the lower area of the thigh/ right above knees.

      This helps keep your focus on the movement rather than controlling your legs like them toppling over or completely not having any control.

      When you lay down flat on your back, what did your knees tend to do? Do they cave-in and knock or do they separate?

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      Christina D

      Frankie, do you have a list of FA exercises?
      My knees do knock and my thighs feel locked, nothing keeps them separated.

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