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      Kevin Schaefer

      Hey everyone! Hope you’re all staying safe out there. We made it through another week!

      I wanted to share Kendall’s latest column here. She writes about how keeping a journal helps her manage life with FA. Specifically, she keeps a “fall log,” in which she tracks every time she physically falls down. This provides her with catharsis, as she’s able to quantify her physical improvements and weaknesses.

      As someone who has another rare disease, I also find it empowering to keep a journal. Just getting my thoughts written down improves my mental and emotional health. Kendall’s notion of a “fall journal” is especially unique. I’m not ambulatory, but I think the concept applies to things like pain flares, stress, etc.

      Who here keeps a journal? Do you like the idea of keeping a fall log?

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      I like the idea of keeping a journal! I can see how tracking your symptoms is helpful when you’re trying out different interventions.

      I’m a little wary of keeping a “fall log” specifically though – I don’t like going over things that went badly in my head, that just reinforces the neural patterns.

      That’s one thing I wish my smartwatch would do automatically for me – I know some of the newer ones have “fall detection” features, but AFAICT the only way to use it is to have it call 911 whenever it detects a fall, which is NOT what I want. I just want it to count my falls for me.

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      Kevin Schaefer

      Thanks for sharing Katherine! Yeah, it’s a unique concept, but I can see where you wouldn’t want to focus on the negative. But I started keeping a regular journal recently. It helps during this time especially.

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