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      Columnist Frankie Perazzola has had many internal debates about what to share on social media. Over time, she’s come to the conclusion that honest posts make the best posts. Click here to find out why.

      How honest are you on social media? Do you like to share a lot about your daily life or do you prefer to keep some things private?

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      Jesus Rodriguez

      Even if I want to fake my life with awesome pictures it’s hard pull off especially living with FA. Im not a fan of selfies so I really don’t post pictures but I do like sharing wuotes and things having to do with faith and God but that’s pretty much it.

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      Robert Rhodes

      I don’t really devote as much time or emphasis to social media as I did in college. When I do post something it is usually to promote a positive mindset or something to make you think. I present Friedreich’s Ataxia posts in the same way. As an aside, I’m only on Facebook. Don’t have time for Twitter – and not photogenic enough for Instagram.

      I agree with your thoughts toward social media, Frankie.

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