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      Columnist Matthew Lafleur reflects on his social awkwardness in junior high school and the importance of small talk and those in-between moments. Click here to read more from Matthew.

      How do you feel about small talk? Do you find it difficult to connect with people you don’t know very well?

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      Jesus Rodriguez

      Great read! Your not not alone in being awkward Matt. In Junior high I was the opposite of an introvert. I wasn’t the “main guy” but I seemed to make friends easy. As I progressed people I thought were friends left me so I started becoming an introvert. For me small talk helps people see I’m a regular dude. That makes me connect with people I don’t know well.

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        Matt Lafleur

        I’m still learning to like small talk LOL. I’m more of a big picture kind of guy. Tell me about your hopes, dreams, beliefs, fears…not the weather!

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