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      Matthew Lafleur recently attended a wedding with his friend of 10 years, Angelle. Certain aspects of their time together were exasperating for Angelle, and Matthew found himself wondering if maybe being friends with him was a burden for Angelle.

      As the evening progressed, however, Matthew was quickly reminded that Angelle is a true friend who values him because of who he is, not in spite of it. Click here to read Matthew’s touching tribute to the power of friendship.

      Have you ever wondered if your friends see you as a burden? How did that feel? Did you talk to them about it?

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      Jesus Rodriguez

      When I was in high school where I needed to use a wheelchair my friends helped me out without any way I felt like a burden. Now in the present I’m riding Solo and I do feel like a burden because I have no close friends I can do life with. I’m too much to deal with physically and people seem to stay away.

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