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      I never appreciated the use of of elevators and ramps until I was diagnosed with FA and using a rollator or wheelchair. When an establishment is not handicap accessible, it’s very discouraging.

      How do you manage and control your feelings in this situation?

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      I’m working on experienceing new things because one of the reason I don’t go out was the fear of exactly what you talked about. I have found that mostly every place I’ve been to is handicap accessible.

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      @jesusrs it’s difficult not to gi to your go to spots if they arent ADA accessible, but like you said it is a great way to explore new places!

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      Since we have been traveling as much as possible, living in our little travel trailer,we have found very few places that aren’t accessible. The few, we’ve found are in older buildings that have yet to upgrade and I’ve mentioned it to nearly every place and they have all said it is in their plans for the near future. Even if that means going in the back of the building to enter( which we have had to do often), you just have to ask. Gatlinburg Tennessee spent millions upgrading for the disabled. We went on the massive ferris wheel at icon park in Orlando, completely wheelchair accessible. Even Clearwater Beach, in Florida,has free to use beach wheelchairs(my wife’s first time in the ocean, she didn’t want to leave).
      It’s not worth shutting yourself in.
      Be proud of who you are.
      Stand tall, even if you can’t physically.
      I’m 52 and I can tell you there is no one less disabled than you,i don’t care who you are. Most people are more mentally disabled than you unless you let yourself be that way.
      I’ve learned in teaching karate (which includes physically disabled people), as a Boy Scout Scout master, as an employer, parent,caregiver(of more than one) etc. that everyone has their limits in abilities in ALL categories.
      Don’t miss out on life especially due to self limitations. Don’t limit yourself because your afraid of this or that.
      Go for it!!!

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