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      For me, it took four years and four different hospitals to be clinically diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia. The reason it took so long is because the doctors could not determine what disability I had or the type of Ataxia. It was a very frustrating process of not receiving an answer for which b felt like a lifetime.

      How long did it take for you? What is your diagnosis story?

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      I don’t remember that well, because I was a child – my parents did most of the work. I think it took 1 or 2 years. I remember seeing two different neurologists. The first dismissed it as something about puberty. The second did a lot of blood tests – mostly for vitamin deficiencies, I think – before finally doing a genetic test for FA.

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      Srikanth Menavalli

      For me it took 2 months and I have visited 1 neurologist and told him that my brother has FA. So she evaluated me and ordered a genetic test. But on the other hand my brother(who lives in India) spend more than 6 yrs and visited almost 10 different neurologist’s before the diagnosis.
      He was taken to almost all neurologist’s through out the country before he was diagnosed with FA.Finally in 2013, this sad news struck our family. But things become normal and we slowly accustomed living with FA.

      Hope my answer is to the point.😊

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      @menasri yes it did thank you!

      My brother was also diagnosed after we found out about FA and its symptoms through me.

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