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      I have been in a wheelchair for 25 years and have issues with constipation. I take a daily probiotic and mirilax, but still have ongoing issues. What are some recommendations?

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      Matt Lafleur

      I have been in a wheelchair for about 12 years and for me the issue is all about familiarity. I have trouble going in the bathroom I am unfamiliar with. Have you noticed a difference between when you go in the bathroom at your house and when you go into a different restroom?

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      Jesus Rodriguez

      I recommend you to drink green shakes and have your diet balanced with veggies and healthy stuff. That has helped me with digestion. I still have constipation at times though but that’s my recommendation.

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      Same for me. I take Magnesium, drink plenty of water, eat a high fibre breakfast bar on days I hope to go, and always. have porridge for breakfast zapped by my careaids. An apple too. Hope that heLps!

      Also consider switching probiotics… “Align” is great.

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      ava williams

      CBD OIL as an alternative? CBD Oil is from the flower of cannabis and now it can be a cure in people especially in Cancerous people. I may be looking forward to this and I am always! but for now, I guess we could start planting cannabis for the future and start searching seeds to plant. In researching I read this page kylekushman.com/topic/dwc/ and gaining some different information about cannabis.

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