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      Look, I don’t know if there’s any scientific backing behind this because I have not done extensive research but I have noticed that whenever I chew gum, I am able to focus on more physical tasks. For example whenever I’m at the gym I do really well whenever I am chewing on gum.

      has anyone else noticed this? Or do you have trouble chewing on gum in general?

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      What kind of gum do you chew?  I quit a few years ago because it was upsetting my digestion, but maybe I should put some effort into finding a type that agrees with me.

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        The main kind of gum I chew is orbit. I personally have never had an issue with gum upsetting my stomach. That might be a question for your doctor to see if maybe you have an allergy or why it has a reaction with your body. Let me know how it goes!

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