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      It can be difficult to keep the grip on a toothbrush for most people with FA. Some people even have their caregivers or whoever lives with them, brush their teeth because they become so difficult.

      Do you have any hacks or preferences when it comes to brushing your teeth? Do you use an electric toothbrush or a regular one?

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      Becky cook

      I have phillips sonicare they are brilliant as I don’t have to move much and my teeth are beautifully clean and feel clean. I am obsessed with my teeth I always have been because it is the only thing I am currently in Control of since I was about 14 I cleaned them for six minute but I was told not to by my Dentist and only do 2!!! But touchwood I have no fillings yet (Now 42)

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      Karina Jeronimides

      Me too Becky, sonicare, electric. I also put a bit of toothpaste in the sink, and only afterwards I take the toothbrush to wipe it up. My brother and I, he also has FA, are really into flossing. We use those dental flossers, not the dental floss string.

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      Pádraig Coyne

      Wow Becky – no fillings at 42 is a rarity I imagine!! 🙂 That’s quite an achievement in today’s society with all the sugary drinks/snacks around

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      Isabelle Desmarais

      Me too, I use Sonicare. It’s great using.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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