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      I didn’t get a chance to share my column with you all this week so here it is. ARTICLE I wrote about the influence my godchild and her brother have on my life. I love being an aunt and a godmother.

      I have always wanted to have a bunch of kids myself. Realistically, I know this is almost financially impossible nowadays but regardless, I always dreamed of becoming a mom. After I was diagnosed with FA, all I have done is doubt myself and convince myself that I am incapable of raising children.

      Do you have experience in parenthood? Do you have doubts if you will be able to care for your child?

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      Hi, your article was beautifully written. I can tell you parenting is hard work. Very hard. Yes, it’s physically demanding. Sleepless nights, days filled with activities, making lunch, baths, kids to school, etc etc! Lol

      But, I can tell you from experience it’s only 10% physical. The rest is 90% mental. This applies to anyone whether or not they have a disability. Kids need constant attention and guidance. And not everyone is cut out for it.

      And, I’ve noticed everyone has challenges – some financial, some mental, others have substance abuse, and we have a physical challenge.

      So, that’s my perspective. A disability doesn’t determine the ability to be a great parent. And, believe me, kids don’t really care if you can’t go surfing or ice skating!

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