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      Personally, my relationship with alcohol has always been kind of tricky. I grew up sneaking alcohol from my parents and doing stuff behind their back and the goal was to always get as drunk as possible in the quickest amount of time Before getting caught by my parents. I guess you can say it’s immaturity or the way I learned how to drink but those tendencies followed me in my adult life.

      I never had a substance abuse problem as far as craving alcohol or needing alcohol to get by during the day. But, my problem is with peer pressure and boredom. I want to drink because my friends are drinking and if someone Buys me a beverage, I 95% of the time will take it.

      One thing I know about alcohol and the effects it has on my body can be detrimental. For instance, if I do drink, that’s when I tend to fall the most. Also, I noticed that I get stronger leg cramps when I do drink.

      Before, i used to drink all the time and focus my life on socializing and drinking with friends. Now, it’s kind of funny to look back and think how the hell did I do that? I am nowhere near where I used to be and my body has been thanking me for it.

      What about you? What’s your relationship like with the alcohol? Do you notice any effects on your body?

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      Drinking makes me more tired and I tend to fall easier, even when I am using my rollator.

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      I started drinking and going to bars with friends every weekend after high school.
      I started in martial arts at 16. So, by the time I started going to the bars after high school I was a black belt and my so called friends would get drunk, start fights, and expect me to bail them out. So I stopped going with them.
      That’s, when I focused on real life….started my machine shop, martial arts school, pilots, license etc.
      What you call taking a bad and turning it into a good.
      You can let peer pressure hurt you or help you. Because I chose to go in the positive route I know now that I can do and have done more than nearly any two people put together.
      Do I know how to party? No!
      I can live with that.
      I made a lot of money when I had my business and helped countless people both financially, physically, emotionally, etc.
      I now know, now that I am penniless, homeless( well, living in a tiny, tiny travel trailer, with my wife), living on my wife’s
      S. S. (which is less than minimum wage), 99.9%, if not more, of so called friends aren’t friends.
      It is foolish to let peer pressure make decisions for you.

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